What Should I Consider When Choosing A Lawyer?

What should I consider when choosing a lawyer? The answer to this question may vary depending on everyone’s personal views and life experiences. All opinions expressed in this article are based on the opinions and experiences of the author.

1- Communication and Compatibility

Cases in Turkey can take years. You may need to communicate with the lawyer you will hire for years. It is extremely important for both parties that you establish a healthy dialogue in your meetings with the lawyer.

Lawyers also want to communicate properly with their clients. Keeping the dialogue you have established with your lawyer within the framework of the business relationship will be in favor of both parties. You should get healthy answers to the questions you ask your lawyer and you should be able to convey the information your lawyer asks from you in the same way.

For these reasons, you should ensure absolute trust with the lawyer you choose.

2- References, Client Comments and Advices

You can primarily use references when choosing a lawyer. You can go to work with lawyers who have helped a person you know before about your legal dispute and issue and express their satisfaction on this issue.

3- Lawyer’s Area of Expertise

At this point, the lawyer’s knowledge and experience come into play. For many lawyers, there is an area of ​​law that they are interested in and see themselves as more knowledgeable and experienced.

In the expertise of the lawyer, criteria such as having a master’s and doctorate, having articles on this subject, having the work he undertakes more concentrated in these areas and undertaking other duties related to this field of law are of great importance.

The fact that the lawyer has a specialization area does not mean that the lawyer does not have knowledge in other areas of law. There is no restriction on the working areas of lawyers, neither in law faculties nor in their internship or profession. For these reasons, the lawyer has to have sufficient knowledge and experience in the fields of work that are not his field of expertise.

4- Lawyer’s Fee

According to the law, it is forbidden (with exceptions) for a lawyer to work for free in Turkey. Lawyers cannot demand fees under the “Attorney’s Minimum Fee Schedule” in Turkey.

Lawyers determine fees according to the type of case, its complexity, the number of parties, the estimated time, the location of the case.

The attorney’s fee is also one of the issues to be considered in selection. consider choosing lawyer.

managed and represented in accordance with the law and mandatory provisions.

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