Tax Law

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Tax Law

Tax law is a branch of law that deals with the characteristics, accrual, collection and collection method of taxes, and the relations between the taxpayer and the state.

Tax Law Scope and Conditions

We provide legal support for the resolution of disputes between you and the state due to your tax liability arising from your activities in Turkey

Tax Cases

Tax cases are heard in tax courts with special duties in this regard.

The subject of tax cases is the tax relationship.

Tax cases frequently encountered in practice;

  • Lawsuits against foreclosure and payment orders arising from the Collection of Public Receivables,
  • Lawsuits arising from Banking and Insurance Transactions Tax,
  • Lawsuits arising from Environmental Cleaning Tax,
  • Cases arising from stamp duty,
  • Lawsuits arising from taxes collected against dumping,
  • Tax cases arising from
  • Law No. 3100, Cases arising from withholding tax,
  • Cases arising from income tax,
  • Cases arising from property tax,
  • Cases related to taxes, funds and penalties arising from the Customs Law,
    Lawsuits arising from the Fees Law,
  • Cases arising from Value Added Tax,
  • Lawsuits arising from corporate tax,
  • Lawsuits arising from motor vehicle tax,
  • Cases arising from Inheritance and Gift Tax, Tax penalties, irregularity, special irregularity, tax loss, lawsuits,
  • Full court cases.

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