Represention, Application And Process Follow-Up

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Represention, Application And Process Follow-Up

With our Application, Representation and Process Follow-up service, we ensure that the applications that our clients need are made, represented and concluded with the follow-up of the processes.

We make the applications that our clients need in their business, transactions and activities, represent our clients in the processes and follow the process until the conclusion.

Applications can be made for government agencies and private companies.

  • Making complaints to the prosecutor’s office and following up the investigations as a proxy.
  • Application and process follow-up for objections to administrative fines.
  • Obtaining an expert report from the courts for the purpose of determining evidence.
  • Providing visa and work permit applications.
  • Objections to deportation decision, entry ban.
  • Making applications to the Directorate of
  • Population and Citizenship for the acquisition of Turkish citizenship, representation and follow-up of the process.
  • Applications for the determination of the place of deposit.
  • Applications to be made in order to make corrections in the Population Directorates.
  • Applications to be made to Tax Offices and Tax Inspection Boards.
  • Applications to be made to the Capital Markets Board, the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency, the Competition Authority, the Radio and Television Supreme Council, and the Insurance Arbitration Commission.
  • Applications to be made to the Union of Turkish Bar Associations and other bar associations.
  • Applications to be made to the State of Emergency Procedures Investigation Commission.
  • Applications to be made to all government institutions and organizations.

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