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We provide support on everything you need to know solve your legal problems in  Turkey.

I want to buy real estate in Turkey. But I don’t know the procedure. How can I buy real estate in Turkey safely?

Real estate investment is a correct investment in almost all countries of the world.

Purchasing real estate in Turkey is among the most preferred investments in recent years, especially for foreigners.

The fact that it has the opportunity to qualify for Turkish citizenship by purchasing real estate in Turkey, as well as being a facilitating factor for residence permit, is among the reasons for the investment to be appreciated.

Most investors and those who want to buy real estate want this job to be done safely. For this reason, we recommend that you seek support from a lawyer when purchasing real estate.

From the selection of the real estate you have decided to buy, we provide legal consultancy services on issues such as whether there are any problems with the title deed registration of the real estate, how the money will be paid, fees and taxes, and the reliability of the seller or real estate agent.

It is obligatory to make real estate sales in the land registry offices in Turkey. However, many foreigners are scammed with the promise of buying thousands of dollars of real estate with “void contracts“.

If you buy real estate with the support of a lawyer, your money and investment will be can safe.

As BAL Law Office; we have created a special legal service area for “Real Estate / Property Purchase Legal Advice and Counselling Service“.

Our aim with Real Estate / Property Purchase Legal Advice and Counselling Service;

  • To ensure that you take the correct steps for real estate investment,
  • Making sure that you choose the real estate suitable for your purpose in purchasing the real estate,
  • To secure your money and investment,
  • Establishing the right communication with the seller or real estate agents,
  • To provide legal support if you are going to take a bank loan,
  • Preparing the documents you need when purchasing real estate,
  • Supervising or preparing the contracts you need to sign when purchasing real estate,
  • Avoiding being scammed

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Important Informations

1- No one except lawyers can provide legal services in Turkey.

According to Article 35 of the Attorneyship Law No. 1136, which is in force in Turkey, providing consultancy on legal issues, giving opinions on laws, following cases, managing processes in arbitration committees and arbitration, issuing contracts, supervising, public institutions and organizations. All legal actions such as following the process can only be done by lawyers. — Learn More

2- Why should you hire a lawyer in Turkey?

We recommend that you only seek support from lawyers or law firms in solving your legal problems in Turkey. Otherwise, your problems will not be solved and may cause bigger problems. — Learn More

3- What should you consider when choosing lawyer or law firm and law office?

According to our experience, there are some criteria that you should pay attention to when looking for a lawyer to solve your legal problem. Criteria such as communication and compliance, references, client comments and recommendations, the attorney’s area of ​​expertise and attorney’s fees may be considered in selecting a lawyer. What should you consider when choosing lawyer or law firm and office? — Learn More

Undoubtedly, the most important issue in choosing a lawyer is the communication between you and the lawyer. Communication between the lawyer and the client, providing information, understanding the client’s demands correctly, is indispensable for establishing a relationship of trust between the client and the lawyer.

Although it is possible for people who do not speak Turkish to receive services from Turkish lawyers in Turkey through an interpreter, it is very important for them to receive legal services directly from an English-speaking lawyer. Establishing the correct communication will ensure that the legal service is provided correctly. The service you will receive from lawyers and law firms that provide service in English will provide you with a positive opportunity.

BAL Law Office, provide services to their clients in English, Turkish and Arabic.

It is not easy to find the English or Arabic speaking Turkish lawyers you need to solve your legal problems or Real Estate / Property Purchase Legal Advice and Counselling Service in Turkey.

BAL Law Office’s lawyers provide services to their clients in English. In addition, our office provides services in Arabic and Turkish languages. BAL Law Office’s provides legal services in all geographical regions of Turkey, especially in Istanbul. Lawyers of our office provide legal services in accordance with international law rules, Turkish Laws and working principles established by our office. You can reach our working principles of knowledge, trust and experience, which are the working principles of our attorneys here. — Learn More

Would you like to learn about our lawyers? Meet the lawyers of BAL Law Office ; – Lawyers and Team

BAL Law Office provides professional services in a wide range of fields in line with the legal needs of its clients. You can find our practice areas here. — Learn More