Real Estate Law

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Overview to Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law briefly covers all of the lawsuits filed for the resolution of legal works, transactions and disputes regarding immovables.

Regardless of the nature of the immovable property, land, land, field, flat with condominium, flat with condominium, building, shop, residence, if it constitutes the subject of legal action or lawsuit, it is considered within this legal discipline.

In practice in real estate law, it is seen that the subject of dispute often arises from the same, ownership, easement and mortgage rights of the real estate.

However, disputes arising from construction contracts in return for flat (land share construction) contracts, which are frequently applied in our country, are also quite high.

Prepaid housing sales contracts are also cases that are submitted to the courts as a consumer transaction and real estate acquisition by foreigners.

Purchase Agreements

Frequently encountered cases regarding real estate are generally as follows:

  • Cases for dissolution of partnership
  • Title Deed Cancellation and Registration Cases
  • Deed cancellation and registration cases arising from the contract
  • Deed cancellation and registration cases based on abuse of power of attorney
  • Deed cancellation and lawsuits based on the decedent’s collusion
  • Deed cancellation and registration cases based on faithful assignment
  • Deed cancellation and registration cases based on real estate sales promise contract
  • Lawsuits based on the reason for the cancellation of the savings
  • Deed cancellation and registration cases based on ordinary partnership reason
  • Deed cancellation and registration cases based on article 240 of the Turkish Civil Code
  • Preemption (Sufa lawsuits)
  • Land share correction lawsuits
  • Cases falling within the subject of administrative courts
  • Confiscation without expropriation
  • Expropriation cases
  • Urgent expropriation
  • Real estate lawsuits based on title deed allocation document
  • Acquiring Turkish Citizenship by Investment
  • Determination of Possession of Real Estate
  • Registration of Real Estate without Deed
  • Cancellation of Annotation in the Land Registry
  • Correction in Land Registry

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