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We provide legal support to our clients in courts and lawsuits in Turkey. Our litigation department provides services in criminal cases, civil cases, administrative and tax cases and all other cases

Overview of Our Litigation Legal Service

A right is a legally protected interest and a recognized authority. In order to talk about the existence of the right; In case of violation of this interest, there is a need for an authority that the person can appeal against. Otherwise, the right will not go beyond a few words written on a piece of paper. While the protection of the right can be ensured by alternative solution methods, it can also be recognized or protected through the litigation process in the court.

Our “litigation process” legal service is the attorney service you need in your civil, criminal, administrative and tax cases and all other cases.

We inform our clients about the risks in litigation, how long the litigation will take and its costs.

Our clients can get detailed information about the progress of the cases, in writing or verbally, whenever they wish.

Litigation Process Terms of Service

Our professional legal service terms apply during the delivery of our litigation service by our office.

There is a difference between whether your case is a civil, administrative, tax or criminal case. Cases are subject to the conditions of reasoning regulated by law. There are different rules of trial in civil procedure, criminal procedure, administrative procedure.

In our litigation service, first of all, it is determined in which jurisdiction and with which reasoning your case will be conducted.

Our Litigation Service in Civil Litigation

Cases heard in Civil Courts are referred to as civil cases.

Civil courts, courts of first instance and regional courts of appeal are law offices. Civil courts of peace, civil courts of first instance, commercial courts of first instance, family courts, intellectual and industrial rights law courts, enforcement law courts, labor courts, maritime commercial courts, cadastral courts and consumer courts.

Depending on the nature of the legal relationship that is the subject of your dispute, it will be understood in which jurisdiction your case will be heard. If it is not possible to solve the legal problem that needs to be resolved with alternative dispute resolution methods, our litigation service will be in question.

In Turkey, individuals have the authority to follow their own case personally. However, the complexity of the legislation and your lack of knowledge of technical procedural rules may cause you to lose your case and lose your rights. For this reason, it is recommended that you benefit from the services of a lawyer in the follow-up of the litigation process.

During the litigation process; Your title as a party is also important for our legal service. In the case, the strategy is determined according to your title as plaintiff or defendant.

In civil cases, there are costs incurred by the state and courts such as fees, advance expenses, security, evidence advances.

BAL Law Office; informs its clients in detail about the costs and attorney fees during the litigation process it offers. A complete and reliable service is provided to its clients without leaving any question marks in their minds.

Our Litigation Service in Criminal Cases

Our litigation service in criminal cases provides criminal lawyer service according to your title in the case (participant, injured, complainant, victim, accused).

In case you are harmed, complainant or victim of a crime, your complaint or ex officio investigation may be initiated and an indictment may be filed against the suspect and a public lawsuit may be filed. In this case, the criminal case will have to be followed as a participant. Especially; In case the defense of the accused is untrue, it is important how the statement of the complainant should be, the demands of the participant in order to eliminate the damage arising from the crime, and the legal remedy against the decisions made by the court.

The person who has the title of suspect in the investigation becomes the accused in the criminal case. In criminal cases, the defendant bears the greatest risk. Criminal cases are conducted subject to the Code of Criminal Procedure. The defense of the accused is indispensable for the fairness of the trial. In order to reach the right conclusion in the opinion of the court and in the discretion of the evidence, the persons tried as the accused should benefit from the services of criminal lawyers.

Our Litigation Service in Administrative and Tax Cases

In your disputes with the administration (State, state institutions, ministries, governorships, district governorships and other public organizations), the lawsuits you have to file for the annulment of the administrative action or for the compensation of the damage you have suffered are cancellation or full remedy actions. Our lawyers at BAL Law Office ensure that you file a lawsuit and follow the case correctly with our litigation service.

It may also be the case that the administration has filed a lawsuit against you. In these cases, your risks, which will be followed as a defendant by our administrative law lawyers, will be reported in detail.

The follow-up of your tax cases and the provision of our litigation legal service are based on the same professional service.

It is aimed to conclude the case in favor of tax reports, tax audits and expert opinion in calculations.

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