Legal Counselling

We provide support on everything you need to know solve your legal problems in  Turkey.

Legal Counselling

We offer face-to-face, online appointment and written or general legal advice on all your legal matters. You can consult our lawyers about our services such as notary notices, individual contract arrangements, obtaining pre-litigation information.

BAL Law Office, provides the most effective legal services to the client in all kinds of legal affairs and business in Turkey.

BAL Law Office; consultancy services. They are more preventable than problem plans. Provides the issuance and supervision of contracts and all kinds of legal documents in Turkey with legal support on an individual or sectoral basis. Generates alternative solutions to comply with the conceptual law. It represents its clients in all courts and public institutions.

Would you like to learn about our lawyers? Meet the lawyers of BAL Law Office — Lawyers and Team

BAL Law Office provides professional services in a wide range of fields in line with the legal needs of its clients. You can find our practice areas here. — Learn More

BAL Law Office’s lawyers provide services to their clients in English. In addition, our office provides services in Arabic and Turkish languages. BAL Law Office’s provides legal services in all geographical regions of Turkey, especially in Istanbul. Lawyers of our office provide legal services in accordance with international law rules, Turkish Laws and working principles established by our office. You can reach our working principles of knowledge, trust and experience, Which are the working principles of our attorneys here. — Learn More

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