Lawyer Profession in Turkey

Requirements to be a lawyer in Turkey

Lawyer profession in Turkey. There are legal requirements to be a lawyer in Turkey. These conditions are listed in Article 3 of the Attorneyship Law:

  • Being a citizen of the Republic of Turkey,
  • Graduation from one of the Turkish law faculties or foreign country law those who have graduated from the Faculty of Law and are missing according to the programs of Turkish law faculties. to pass the exams successfully,
  • Having completed the internship and obtained the internship completion certificate.
  • To have a residence in the bar association area on the plate,
  • According to this Law (Attorneyship Law) , there should be no obstacle to being a lawyer.

What is the lawyer’s mission?

Lawyer, who ensures the regulation of legal relations, the resolution of all kinds of legal issues and disputes in accordance with justice and equity, and the full implementation of the rules of law at all levels, before judicial organs, arbitrators, official and private persons, boards and institutions; A person who works in the public service and is a self-employed person.

Lawyers serve justice in legal matters. In all his professional activities, the lawyer is independent against the state, the judiciary, his client, and the society.

How can you find out if someone is a lawyer in Turkey?

Every lawyer starting the legal profession has to be registered in the bar association. Lawyer profession in Turkey.

A person you know as a lawyer or who introduces himself/herself as a lawyer; You can confirm whether you are really a “Lawyer” on the Bar Association of Turkey Bar Association Lawyer Search page.

You can reach the Turkish Bar Association Bar Association Board Lawyer Search Page here.

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