Labour Law

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Overview to Labour Law

Labor Law can be accepted as a set of rules regulating the legal relationship between the employee and the employer.

Mandatory regulations have been introduced in the Labor Law and other laws in order to balance the power balance between the employee and the employer in labor law. Some business relations are regulated in different laws. The Turkish Code of Obligations, Maritime Labor Law, and Press Labor Law contain provisions on different business relations.

Invalidity, invalidity, administrative or penal sanctions may be in question in violation of the mandatory regulations.

Labour Contract

The employment contract is a type of contract that regulates the legal and de facto relationship between the employee and the employer.

In the law, it is defined as the relationship of one person (employee) to work with orders and instructions, and the other party (employer) to pay wages for this job.

Employment contracts are divided into fixed-term and indefinite-term according to their duration. As a rule, employment contracts are of indefinite duration. However, in exceptional cases, it is also possible to conclude a fixed-term employment contract.

Employment Relation

In our legislation, there are mandatory rules that specifically regulate the business relationship.

When talking about the employment relationship arising from the labor law, it would be appropriate to examine the Labor Law first.

  • Subcontractor relationship
  • Fee
  • Working Times
  • Annual permit
  • Workplace internal regulation and workplace practices
  • Termination of the Employment Contract
  • Reasons for termination

It is one of the important issues of the business relationship.

Labour Contract Determination and Severance Pay

The termination of the employment relationship is regulated by special provisions in the Labor Law.

The employment relationship may be terminated due to reasons such as rescission (termination by mutual agreement), death, termination without notice, termination by notification, retirement, transfer of the workplace, expiration of the term of a fixed-term employment contract or expiration of the purpose, termination due to military service, termination due to marriage.

Depending on the termination of the employment relationship, severance pay, notice indemnity, bad faith compensation, idle time compensation, compensation for not starting work may be in question.

Employee Rights Cases – Labour Law

The State of the Republic of TurIn case the employer does not pay the wage, road wage, meal wage, minimum living allowance, national holiday and general holiday wage, weekly holiday wage, overtime wage, severance pay, notice indemnity, annual leave wage, premium receivables, the employer is obliged to pay the employee. He can sue the court for the payment of his debts.key is entitled to Turkish citizenship provided that a foreigner purchases 250,000-USD (US Dollar) real estate (immovable) from Turkey or keeps a deposit of at least 500,000-USD (US Dollars) or equivalent foreign currency or Turkish Lira for three years. gives.

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Occupational Accident

Accidents that occur at the workplace or during the work of the worker are defined as occupational accident.

Action for Fixing of Period of Service Cases

In case of no or late notification to the Social Security Institution of the employee’s declaration of employment, that is, the date of employment, the insurance status will be corrected with a service determination case.

If the employee’s insurance entry has not been made in the lawsuits filed for labor claims, the Labor Court may give the employee time to file a service determination lawsuit. The conclusion of the service determination case can be made a holding issue.

For detailed information about service determination cases, you can review our articles published in the Labor Law category.

Labour Law Mediation

Mandatory mediation application must be filed before filing a lawsuit regarding workers’ receivables. Otherwise, the lawsuit will be dismissed due to the procedure.

However, it is also possible to resolve labor claims through voluntary mediation.

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