Foreigners and Citizenship Law

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Overview to Foreigners and Citizenship Law

Foreigners Law ; In the shortest definition, “foreigner” can be defined as a person who does not have the citizenship of the country in which he resides.

Stateless, refugee and asylum seeker, and migrant are people with different legal status within the definition of foreign.

Legal Transactions of Foreigners in Turkey

As a rule, the legal procedures of foreigners in Turkey are the same as citizens. Foreigners also make contracts, get married, make inheritance transactions, buy real estate and work in Turkey. There is not much difference between citizens and foreigners in all these legal transactions.

However, in the context of the field of study of Foreigners and Citizenship Law, some legal actions of foreigners arising from this status are obligatory.

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Visa Application – Residence Permit Application – Work Permit Application

Citizens of some countries have visa exemption for their touristic trips to Turkey. However, it is necessary to apply for all kinds of work and education visas.

Visa types, tourism visa, transit visa, airport transit visa, education visa, work visa, official duty visa and other visas (such as archaeological excavation, research, film or documentary shooting, treatment, companionship, family reunification, humanitarian aid, transportation) countable.

Foreigners who come to Turkey with a visa have to obtain a residence permit if they want to stay for more than 90 days.

Foreigners who want to come and work in Turkey must obtain both a residence permit and a work permit.

Deportation (Deport) Decision, Administrative Detention Decision, Entry Ban, Restriction Code

A deportation decision is made for foreigners who have committed a crime in Turkey or whose residence permits have been revoked. It is decided to put these people under administrative detention.

These people are prohibited from entering the country and the restriction code is processed.

In such a case, it is important to contact BAL Law Office, which provides services in the field of foreigners and citizenship law. Our Foreign Law attorneys appeal and file lawsuits against the decisions taken against you. With the conclusion of these cases, the decisions made against you are lifted.

Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship by Foreigners through Investment

The State of the Republic of Turkey is entitled to Turkish citizenship provided that a foreigner purchases 250,000-USD (US Dollar) real estate (immovable) from Turkey or keeps a deposit of at least 500,000-USD (US Dollars) or equivalent foreign currency or Turkish Lira for three years. gives.

As BAL Law Office; We carry out all the processes of foreigners who want to acquire Turkish Citizenship by Investment. You can find detailed information about these processes on our representation, application and finalization legal services page. Contact us for faster information.

Foreigners Establishing a Company or Being a Partner in Turkey

We carry out all legal processes in the establishment of companies of foreigners in Turkey from the very beginning to the finalization stage.

We also offer legal support to foreigners who want to become a partner of a company established in Turkey.

You can review our legal consultancy service to get detailed information about how these processes work.

Recognition and Enforcement Cases

In order for a decision rendered by a court of a country other than Turkey to be implemented in Turkey, a recognition and enforcement action must be filed.

In order for the divorce decisions of foreigners or Turkish citizens living abroad to be valid in Turkey, recognition and enforcement cases must be filed.

You can find out the scope and content of the service provided by BAL Law Office in recognition and enforcement cases by examining the legal service of the litigation process.

Foreigners and Citizenship Law Articles

Deportation Decision in Turkey

I. What is Deportation Decision in Turkey.? Deportation Decision in Turkey. Deportation is regulated between Articles 52 and 60 of the Law on Foreigners and International Protection No. 6458. Persons who do not have citizenship of the Republic of Turkey are considered foreigners. If one of th…
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Appeal Against The Administrative Detention Decision in Turkey

Administrative detention is an administrative measure that can be decided against foreigners who have been given a deportation decision or applied for international protection, under the conditions of the law, and that causes them to be deprived of their freedom by being held in removal centers. …
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Applying For A Visa To Turkey

What is a Visa Application? According to the Law on Foreigners and International Protection No. 6458, a visa refers to a permit that grants the right to stay in Turkey for up to ninety days or provides transit. Foreigners who will stay in Turkey for up to ninety days can come to Turkey by obta…
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Residence Permit in Turkey

What is the Residence Permit? The residence permit is a permit that gives foreigners the right to stay in Turkey. Foreigners other than foreigners who are exempt from a residence permit are required to obtain a residence permit for foreigners who will stay in Turkey for more than the period provi…
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Acquiring Turkish Citizenship

Acquiring Turkish Citizenship – The legal regulations regarding the acquisition of citizenship of the State of the Republic of Turkey are included in the Turkish Citizenship Law No. 5901. The acquisition of Turkish citizenship is divided into general and exceptional conditions. According to this …
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Acquiring Turkish Citizenship by Deposit Investment

Acquiring Turkish Citizenship by Deposit Investment In order to acquire Turkish citizenship by deposit investment, it is necessary to deposit money in a bank operating in Turkey. According to subparagraph (ç) of the second paragraph of article 20 of the Regulation on the Implementation of t…
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Acquiring Turkish Citizenship by Investment

Acquiring Turkish Citizenship by Investment 1. Determining With Which Investment To Application In order to apply for Turkish citizenship; In order to acquire citizenship, first of all, it is necessary to determine with which investment to apply. Acquiring Turkish Citizenship by Investment. …
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Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship Through Real Estate Investment

Acquiring Turkish Citizenship by Real Estate Acquisition The value of the real estate to be purchased in Turkey is important for the acquisition of Turkish citizenship by real estate investment. Under sub-paragraph (b) of the second paragraph of Artcle 20 of the Regulaton on the Implementaton of …
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