Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law

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Enforcement And Bankruptcy Law

The field of Execution and Bankruptcy Law is quite extensive. Execution is a follow-up process based on force for the collection of your receivables based on valuable documents such as bills of exchange (cheques, promissory notes, promissory notes, bills of exchange) with or without a verdict.

However, the warrants regarding the evacuation of the leased person, the execution of something, or the delivery of a child can also be fulfilled through enforcement proceedings.

Executive Files

In the field of Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law, the collection of receivables and the request and follow-up of foreclosure transactions for the purpose of this collection, the request and follow-up of sales transactions, enforcement complaints, objections and complaints arising from enforcement crimes, regarding your enforcement file before the enforcement offices or in other words, enforcement offices, and We offer legal support in all other matters.

Bankruptcy Files

We provide legal services regarding all legal processes related to receivables at the bankruptcy desk, criminal sanctions due to bankruptcy and bankruptcy file.

Lawsuits Regarding Execution and Bankruptcy Law

Negative declaratory action regulated in the Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law, restitution action, cancellation of objection action, action for cancellation of disposition, action for termination of tender, action for removal of objection, action for objection to order list, action for objection to signature, concordat lawsuits and check complaints regarding crimes, inflicting damage on the creditor, We provide legal services in cases such as breach of commitment, unlawful abandonment of trade.

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