Criminal Investigations

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Overview to Criminal Investigations

Criminal prosecution investigations are one of the most important duties of states in terms of whether “crime or crimes” have occurred, sanctioning the crime and ensuring general public order.

It is very important that the perpetrator is identified and an indictment is drawn up about the suspect in the prosecution investigations that you are a party to as a complainant.

Criminal prosecution investigations that you are a party to as a suspect or complainant-suspect, on the other hand, may lead to criminal cases, also known as public cases, against you.

Are you a party to the Criminal Prosecution Investigation File?

You can be a party in prosecution investigations as a victim, complainant, victim of crime or suspect.

If you are a party to the investigation files as a suspect, an indictment can be drawn up by requesting your punishment by the Public Prosecutor.

However, protection measures may be applied to you during the investigation phase.

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Protection Measures in Criminal Prosecution Investigations

In order to carry out the investigation or to obtain evidence, some protection measures can be applied by the decision of the public prosecutor or upon the request of the criminal judge of peace.

Among these protection measures, measures such as search, seizure, search and seizure of computer logs, undercover investigator, wiretapping, capture and detention are aimed at obtaining more evidence, while protection measures such as arrest and detention are mostly aimed at conducting the proceedings.

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Arrest or Detention in Criminal Prosecution Investigations

Investigations are conducted by Public Prosecutors. The prosecutor may request the arrest of the suspect from the criminal judgeship of peace by evaluating together the strong suspicion that the suspect has committed the crime and the facts such as blacking out, hiding or changing evidence, concrete facts showing the suspicion of escaping.

The arrest of the suspect means that he will be kept in a closed penal institution until the date of his release.

As a rule, imprisonment and arrest are different from each other. However, there is no difference in the process for the suspect or the accused.

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