Criminal Cases

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Overview to Criminal Cases

After the indictment is drawn up as a result of the criminal investigation you are a party to, criminal cases begin with the acceptance of the indictment by the criminal court.

Criminal cases are one of the most important duties of the states in terms of whether the “crime or crimes” regulated in the penal laws occur, sanctioning the crime and ensuring general public order.

Are You A Party To The Criminal Case?

If there is a criminal case that you are a party to, the court where the criminal proceedings will take place will send a notification to your residence address. The notification states the date and time of the indictment and the first hearing.

In such a case, we recommend that you seek legal support from our lawyers who provide services in criminal cases.

Trials in Turkey are regulated by special procedural laws. Legislation provisions are mixed. If you are a defendant in the criminal case you are a party to, not getting legal support from a criminal lawyer may result in your conviction. “I have a criminal case, what should I do?” If you have any questions, click on detailed information.

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Criminal Case Protection Measures

In criminal cases, a number of temporary protection measures can be applied in order to conduct the proceedings, to be fair or to obtain evidence.

The most well-known protection measures in the society; arrest, detention, search, seizure, forensic control, control of communication can be given as examples. Similarly, in criminal investigations and lawsuits, protection measures such as arrest, search and seizure of computer logs, assignment of secret investigators, and follow-up with technical means are frequently applied.

Criminal Cases Arrestment / Detention

Undoubtedly, the most severe protection measure in criminal cases is arrest.

If there is a strong suspicion that the accused has committed the crime, his escape, hiding or existence of concrete facts that raise the suspicion that he will flee, although a decision has not been made yet about the arrest, the behavior of the accused causes the suspicion of destroying, hiding or changing the evidence or putting pressure on the witness, the victim or others, In case the lawsuit filed against him is one of the catalog crimes; It is a preventive measure that can be applied.

There are many ways of appealing for the termination of the detention and the release of the detainee. As a result, in such a case, we recommend that you seek legal support from our lawyers who are experts in criminal cases.

Criminal Cases Courts

The courts where criminal cases are heard are regulated by laws. Your case can be heard in the Heavy Penal Court, the Criminal Court of First Instance, the Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights Criminal Court, the Enforcement Criminal Court, the Criminal Chamber of the Regional Court of Justice, the Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court of Appeals, the Juvenile Court or the Juvenile Heavy Penal Court.

Criminal Judgeships of Peace and Enforcement Judges are not courts in which criminal cases are tried.

Criminal Judgeships of Peace apply protection measures that the Public Prosecutors are not authorized to implement. The most well-known of these is the arrest.

Enforcement judgeships are the complaint authority that can be filed against the actions of penal institutions.

Criminal Cases Decision, Objection, Appeal

At the end of the criminal cases, a decision is made by the court. Decisions such as lack of jurisdiction, lack of jurisdiction, conviction, imprisonment, judicial fine, fall, suspension, decision not to impose a penalty, postponement, deferment of the announcement of the verdict, confiscation, acquittal may be given by the court.

Objection or appeal against the decisions made may be open to the law. In Turkish Law, objections and appeals are subject to deadlines. In a criminal case for which you do not receive legal support, you may be a victim because of your violation of the deadlines.

An appeal is a legal remedy to a higher court or the next numbered court against certain decisions made by the criminal court.

An appeal is a legal review of the decision rendered by the court of first instance.

Appeals are audited by the Relevant Criminal Division of the Regional Courts of Justice. The appeal may be reviewed without a hearing, or it may be possible to repeat the proceedings.

After the appellate review, the decision of the criminal court may become final, or the way of appeal to the Criminal Chamber of the Court of Cassation may be open.

Compensation Case at the High Criminal Court

As a rule, compensation cases are not heard in criminal courts. The only exception to this is the compensation case before the Heavy Penal Courts.

Against unfair protection measures, you can file a lawsuit against the state in High Criminal Courts in accordance with Article 141 and the following articles of the Criminal Procedure Code, for the purpose of compensation for all kinds of material and moral receivables.

As BAL Law Office, we file and follow up your compensation cases in the Heavy Penal Courts for the compensation of your material and moral damages due to unfair protection measures, and we follow the process until the compensation is received.

Legal Services for Criminal Cases

BAL Law Office provides its clients with the appropriate criminal lawyer service in criminal cases according to their title in the case.

We provide services in the capacity of attorney for the rapid progress of the process, the elimination of your damage and the punishment of the perpetrator in the criminal cases you follow as a participant, victim, complainant, or injured party.

If your title as a party in criminal cases is the defendant, as a criminal lawyer, we ensure that all the evidence that may be in your favor is discussed in the trial, that the risks of the evidence that may be unfavorable are minimized and that the trial is fair.

The service we provide as a criminal lawyer in criminal cases continues until the finalization of the decision in the case. In this service, we are in constant communication with our clients.

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