Commercial Law

We provide support on everything you need to know solve your legal problems in  Turkey.

Overview to Commercial Law

In the field of Commercial Law, our lawyers provide services to ensure that your commercial activities comply with the provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code, the Turkish Code of Obligations and other legislation.

In accordance with your industry, the prevention of possible commercial disputes and the follow-up of your cases arising from your commercial activities are provided by our lawyers.

Commercial Agreements and Commercial Documents

In order to minimize the risks that may arise in your commercial activities, first of all, it would be appropriate to arrange the permanent documents used in your business in accordance with the law.

With our legal consultancy service, our lawyers use the printed matter that you use constantly or frequently in your commercial activities; It provides an audit whether your documents such as invoices, waybills, goods purchase and sale contracts, service contracts, receipt documents are in compliance with the law.

We provide legal support and advice on your practices, taking into account the experience of our lawyers and the sectoral legal problems in practice, which you frequently encounter in your business activities.

Preventing conflict before it arises is very important for not interrupting commercial activities and for an environment of stability and trust. The most important thing to be done in this regard will be the preparation, inspection and examination of your contracts with the support of a lawyer.

Unfair Competition According to Turkish Commercial Code

The Turkish Commercial Code brings very important provisions regarding the prevention of unfair competition in trade.

Behaviors and commercial practices contrary to the rule of honesty will result in both legal and criminal liability.

Our lawyers, who are experts in the field of commercial law, provide support to their clients in legal and criminal sanctions against commercial companies or traders that cause unfair competition.

Commercial Courts of First Instance

Commercial Courts of First Instance are the courts in charge of dealing with absolute or relative commercial cases according to the Turkish Commercial Code.

In case the commercial case value is up to five hundred thousand Turkish Liras, a single judge shall act. In these cases, the simple trial procedure is applied.

In cases over five hundred thousand Turkish Liras, the trial is carried out by a committee consisting of a chairman and two member judges. In these cases, the written procedure is applied.

Commercial Litigation

Commercial lawsuits in Turkey can take many years. Issues such as mandatory regulations in procedural laws, failure to follow interim decisions that need to be fulfilled in case files, late submission or failure to send documents to courts, and late preparation of expert reports may lead to prolongation of cases.

Our lawyers who are experts in the field of commercial law, thanks to their knowledge, experience and devoted working systems, enable cases to be resolved faster and with less cost.

You can get legal support from our lawyers in your commercial cases so that the uncertainties in the commercial life do not adversely affect the activities of your business.

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